Success Story

Singing Vegan


After years of my weight going up and down and only losing with severe calorie restriction, I saw the documentary “Fasting” on Netflix. I decided I never wanted to count another calorie again. I thought I only had about 5 lbs to lose.

I started doing IF, first 16 x 8, then 18 x 6. I found those to be quite easy and natural. I then switched to 20 x 4 most of the time. Within 6 months I’d lost 20 lbs (never counting a single calorie). I eventually lost another 5 lbs and have maintained that weight for over a year.

However, IF isn’t just about weight loss. I was interested in autophagy and in boosting my immune system. I am healthier now at age 60 than I have been since my 20s. IF is like magic for me. It’s a lifestyle that works.</span>

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