Success Story


Hey IF”ers,

Most of us are here for weight loss, so am I, BUT that isn’t the only reason. I’m slow to lose weight as I can’t push myself too hard still as I’m making milk for small human.

I do no less than 12 hours of a fast. Usually I do 18/6, sometimes 20/4 and if I can get there 22/2, which is very rare. I’ve days where I just NEED to have a longer eating window… And I don’t beat myself up about it.

For me, the benefits of IF are: mind-blowingly clear mind, less tired, my life doesn’t evolve around food (I eat to live, I do not live to eat), my physical strength has increased.

I’m able to work my normal day job and take on some freelance work in the evening when the kids are asleep and I am running nearly daily. Anything between 2-10km, depending on how much time I’ve to spare. Just yesterday I did 7km and improved my snail speed by 10 minutes overall for the distance, while pushing a double buggy. I may have lost 5-7kg overall so far, since I came back seriously in October 2019, but that’s okay. Slowly and steady it is for me and I’m sure for some others too!

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