just james Bean Mix

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a great source of fiber and folate, and they’re also low in calories. They can help reduce blood sugar, decrease blood cholesterol and improve gut health.

Lentils are a great source of vegan protein and reduce blood sugar levels. They benefit gut health by improving bowel function and slowing the rate that the stomach empties.

Kidney beans are also a very high fiber bean and have the potential to reduce the risk factors associated with high blood sugar, weight gain such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Black beans have a lower glycemic index compared to many other high-carbohydrate foods. This means they cause a smaller rise in blood sugar after a meal.  Packed with fiber and flavor, this bean a protein powerhouse.

Pinto beans may help reduce LDL blood cholesterol.  Folate anyone? Pinto beans are like little folate factories.  They also increase the production of propionate, a short-chain fatty acid produced by gut bacteria. Propionate is good for gut health.

Navy beans appear to help reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, likely due to their high fiber content.  They appear to increase HDL or happy cholesterol, five cups of beans a week will help reduce waist circumference, blood sugar and blood pressure.